Who Cares Who Cares

When Wolfgang Pérez asked me to design the artwork for his solo debut album I was onboard immediately…

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Who Cares Who Cares
onomao handmade Ceramic Tablewareonomao handmade Ceramic Tableware

In the summer of 2021 I had the chance to design a tableware collection with the young, cologne based interior labe onomao.
The ceramics are all handcrafted in the north of Portugal and now available online and in select stores throughout Germany.

The kitchen counter is one of the most monolithic objects in our homes and the one that produces the most furniture waste.
In my master thesis I set out to prolong its lifetime by designing for a stronger product attachment.

nitted shelve made from linnen firbers

This project combines the aesthetics of knitted fabrics with the technical capabilities of a reinforced fiber compound and was one of my first projects at ENSCI — Les Ateliers in Paris. It mainly uses the structural strong linen fibers and epoxy resins to create a modular shelf system.

Cardboard Surfboard

Cardboard and water traditionally are two things that don’t go together very well. When you first think of a surfboard made from cardboard, actually catching a wave may seem really far out. A hollow cardboard core seems unfit in every way to withstand the force of the elements a surfboard is exposed to.

I built one anyways.

Public Ashtrey Design


for Ebertplatz in cologne

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Observation Maschine

observation machine

Most everywhere we go, there is an eye on us. We are tracked, monitored and observed. But the image of us created through these observation machines does not always depict reality. It’s distorted, grainy and can be taken out of context, making it vulnerable to misinterpretation.

Observe and distort yourself in this sound installation.

Candy Mashine Design

ça tourne

spin the wheel — enjoy the sweets