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Observation Maschine

observation machine

Most everywhere we go, there is an eye on us. We are tracked, monitored and observed. But the image of us created through these observation machines does not always depict reality. It’s distorted, grainy and can be take out of context, making it vulnerable to misinterpretation.

Observe and distort yourself in this sound installation.

Hear what you see, see what you hear.

With this machine you can turn a live image into sound. After taking a picture through the integrated camera, the first computer maps the color of the pixels to a frequency and plays the according sound for each pixel. High frequencies are used for brighter pixels, lower once for darker.

The sound is now recorded by a second computer. It continuously draws an image, one pixel at a time. The color of the drawn pixels is determined by the frequency recorded at this very moment.

Slowly an image is decoded from nothing but sound.

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