Modular Kitchen Design Contrete

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modular kitchen system

The kitchen counter is one of the most monolithic objects in our homes and the one that produces the most furniture waste. In my master thesis I set out to prolong its lifetime. Taking a modular approach allowed me to make the counter adapt to different floor plans when confronted with new scenarios. The frame and counter are adjustable in height and length and are paired with an omnidirectional sink that can adapt to any water outlet. All the pieces are held together with a steel rope running around the sink and counter elements making it very easy to assemble and modify.

steel ropes connects
sink and counter

Kitchen Sink Concrete Modular

steel ropes connects sink and counter

Kitchen Design Modular Rope Lock

tighten the rope with an Allen key
to secure the modular elements

Conrete sink with Overflow

drain and overflow
are cast directly into the concrete
and it's ready to connect to any wateroutlet

Kitchen Sink Concrete Modular

the sink & counter

the sink can be used in any orientation to fit water outlets in every room

Modular Kitchen Counter Frame

The Frame

to facilitate different kitchen layouts, the frame can be adjusted in length by adding or subtracting elements. Steel ropes hold everything in place.

Modular Kitchen Design GIFHanging Kitchen High Adjustable Feet

choose the feet — change the height

Wall Hindge

The Hinge

To fit the kitchen perfectly to any wall and into any apartment, a hinge element closes the gap between the counter and the wall.

Individual pieces of the hinge can be added or subtracted to change its size.

Placeholder image

adapt the hinge to fit the counter to any wall

Wall Hindge
Modular Kitchen Elements


Throughout its lifetime the kitchen can adapt to many different places and living scenarios.
Add or subtract elements, rearrange everything to your liking and reuse it anytime you move.

Modular Kitchen DesignModular Kitchen DesignModular Kitchen Design
Modular Kitchen Design